About Us

Haute & Rebellious is an exclusive fashion and style destination for trend setters across the globe. We cater to the sophisticated edgy individual looking for quality fashion with a designer touch. Each design is meticulously selected to meet our high standards; this along with our unique styling has garnered us a committed following.

Originally created from a demand...fashion blogger, turned business owner Maria De La Cruz was inundated with styling questions on her acclaimed fashion blog where she posted daily looks. Noticing the opportunity, she combined the knowledge from her four-year university business degree and degree from a prestigious fashion institute to create a fashion business that would put her on the map. This became the powerhouse fashion brand today, Haute & Rebellious.

We’re constantly growing and expanding our vision to continue to be a leader in the industry. We hope to inspire individuals to find their true style and build the confidence to dress their best for every occasion. We want to thank those who have helped us reach the level we see today, as well as those new to discover us. We invite you to step into our world where we’re breaking the rules in fashion.

Be Haute, Be Rebellious

Maria De La Cruz
Owner & Creative Director
Haute & Rebellious